The Kingston Community Garden aims to provide space and facilities for local residents to engage in organic gardening, grow nutritious food, share and learn gardening skills, and promote the benefits of organic gardening in the local community.


Garden News

Garden Beds Available

Garden beds are now available for new members.

These beds have been freshly weeded, and topped up with compost.

See the details on how to Apply for Membership.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Parts of the garden are now over 15 years old, and are showing their age. In particular, many of the garden beds have needed repair. It's much easier and more efficient to repair a garden bed before it starts to fall apart.

An Infrastructure Maintenance team has been meeting on Wednesday mornings and repairing 1-2 beds per week. Over the past few months all but one of the garden beds on the western side of the main path have been repaired, and we're now working through the remaining beds. We are very grateful to Rosie, Arthur and Muthu for their valuable contributions to this work. Repairing garden beds keep the beds workable, sightly, and most importantly, safe for gardeners and visitors.

Besides garden bed maintenance, there are other infrastructure projects planned for the next few months, including building disability-access beds around the shelter, and upgrading the potting shed.

If you would like to be involved in this maintenance work then please contact us via email. You don't need any particular expertise, and the team is happy to meet at other times, whenever is convenient.

Infrastructure maintenance is work that we often take for granted, until things go wrong. It's an essential part of garden life that's both enjoyable and rewarding.